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DISH Approved First Aid Training Courses
Fire Fighting Training

FFEST Industrial services "DISH Approved". A premier professional organisation to spread culture of safety in all aspects of industry.
Promote safety as a value to total satisfaction. We believe in continual performance improvement & empowerment through participative, co-operative & creative trainings.
We manage our resources efficiently & effectively as per the requirement of client. Industrial safety, first aid & fire trainings with practical demonstrations & role plays is the strength of FFEST Trainers. Being an upcoming organisations in training & consultancy field, We provide following services & provide support to our clients in following way.

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Our Services

  • Fire Fighting Training Basic Level

    The course is aimed at preparing the team for controlling and dousing the fire.

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    Fire Fighting Training Basic Level Fire-Fighting-Training-Basic-Level
  • Fire Marshall & Mock Drill

    The course is aimed to develop first responders in case of fire.

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    Fire Marshall & Mock Drill Fire-Marshall-and-Mock-Drill-Advance-level
  • Emergency Response Team (ERT) & Mock Drill

    The training is aimed to develop Emergency Preparedness.

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    Emergency Response Team (ERT) Emergency-Response-Team-ERT-and-Mock-Drill
  • Warehouse Safety & Material Handling

    Accident Prevention & Improve Work Efficiency

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  • Accident Prevention Near miss with BBS

    The training programme is aimed to minimize Industrial Accidents by providing clear guidelines for participants.

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  • Safety Awareness & Motivational Programme

    To Improve Safety Systems & To Develop Safety Culture

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  • First Aid Training

    This course is aimed at preparing an individual to immediately act on incident and help Preserve Life & Prevent Complications.

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    First Aid Training
  • Working at Height

    HIRA (Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment) Legal provisions for height safety, Science of fall, Ladder rules, Scaffold safety Etc.

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  • Ergonomic Survey & On Job Training

    Ergonomic consideration in all jobs will be observed by safety professional & doctor.

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    Ergonomic Survey & On Job Training
  • Safety Audit Safety audit is a prevention tool and helps management to reduce the risk related to safety incidents. ... more

  • First Aid Training Certificate Course Pre Test will be conducted for comparison with post test. Definition & Purpose, Law of Samaritan, Role Play How to call Ambulance... more

  • Plant Safety Inspection Theory part, Unsafe Acts & Unsafe Conditions, How to Conduct Plant Safety Inspection & JSA Job Safety Analysis... more